Boutique Investment Management Firm & Family Office

Tekmen Wells is a boutique investment management firm and family office. Our work emphasizes the application of analytical research and the construction of custom risk portfolio solutions.

Custom Portfolio Solutions: All portfolios are not created equal. An efficient portfolio maximizes the expected return for any given level of risk. We use our proprietary research and analytics with the goal of creating efficient portfolios across the risk spectrum. All our portfolio solutions are properly diversified and stress tested to ensure they meet our standards. Investments that are selected undergo our due diligence process and are only used if our founders would consider them for their own personal accounts.

Family Office: We are a family office formed originally to serve the needs of our founders and a tight-knit group of friends and colleagues in the investment community. Tekmen Wells pools together the resources and experience of its founders.  Our objective is to develop a family office with diverse entrepreneurs with varying professional and investing experiences.

Investment Objectives


Better risk adjusted returns

Custom portfolios are analyzed and structured to be close to the efficient frontier.


Risk appropriate investments

Investor risk tolerance is evaluated and portfolios are analyzed & stress tested for appropriate risk levels.


More predictable results

Emphasis on stress testing, measuring risk tolerances & defining investment objectives to reduce negative surprises.